Tapis Bubbles - Bubbles 2 CVD13982

Les couleurs du tapis sont perçues différemment selon l’angle de vue.

Bubbles - Bubbles 2

160x230 cm Noué machine

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Faik Berisha

Designer: Faik Berisha



My name is Faik Berisha and I am a 25 year old architectural student and live in Fushë Kosova a city near Prishtina, Kosovo. During the past two years I have worked for Museums and the Kosovo Institute of Archeology as a draftsman in archeological sites, but I quit to continue my architectural studies. I think the competition was interesting so I wanted to be part of it.

Tapis de Faik Berisha

Design: Bubbles

This came out as a result of my disagriment with people who try to capture and shape nature without a single attempt to coexist with it. I know how important are the music sheets but nature is just like music, you cant capture notes is some horizontal line just like bubbles you cant shape it you can jus admire its beauty and let it flow throught you.

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